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11 Frizzy Hair Tips, Recommended By Professional Stylists



Frizzy hair is beautiful, but there are times that you just want to go for a smoother style. That’s when you’ll need to figure out the best hacks and tips to deal with all that frizz.

But before getting to expert-recommended frizzy hair hacks, it helps to understand how frizz happens in the first place. According to Alyssia Dotson, creative team lead stylist at Alterna Haircare, the most common cause of frizz is humidity or moisture in the environment; the more moisture there is in the air, the more your hair cuticle opens up, soaks in the extra moisture in the air, and swells. She lists using hot tools on high heat settings and coloring hair too often as other style saboteurs.

You can also just be more prone to frizz based on your hair type. Dotson explains that if you have thicker or naturally curly hair, your strands’ cuticle layers are more open, and more susceptible to drying out. Adir Abergel, celebrity hairstylist and creative director of Virtue Labs, agrees that those with curly hair are more prone to frizz, but adds that frizz can happen to any texture. It’s more about the amount of damage present in hair, Abergel says.

Luckily, there are ways to help your ‘do hold up in humid weather. Here are 11 expert-backed tips to getting super smooth hair.

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Stop Running Your Finds Through Your Strands

Yes, it feels great to run your fingers through a fresh blowout — but doing so does more harm than good. “Running your fingers through your hair constantly or touching excessively will lead to your cuticle becoming more disturbed and create frizz you don’t want,” says Dotson. So try to limit the amount you touch your hair as much as you can. It will pay off in the long run.


Air-Dry Whenever Possible

Dotson recommends air drying more often than using your hairdryer, especially for those with naturally curly or coily hair. She explains that this will limit the amount of heat damage your hair gets and result in less frizz overall.


Protect Your Hair Overnight

When you sleep with your hair down, friction between your hair and pillowcase can cause frizz (especially if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep). Dotson recommends putting your hair in a loose bun or braid to limit the amount of friction happening while you catch some Z’s.


Keep Your Hair Hydrated

The best way to keep frizz at bay is through hydration. “Since frizz is manifested as a result of your hair lacking moisture, ensuring your hair is hydrated is a foolproof way to smooth out frizz,” says Dotson. She recommends using something like the Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque. It not only delivers moisture to hair, it also seals it, provides protection, and is suitable for all hair types.


Dry Hair With A Paper Towel

Yes, you read that correctly. Abergel recommends using a paper towel to dry your hair instead of a cotton towel to keep moisture in while drying hair.


Swap Out Your Cotton Towel

Dotson adds that cotton towels have rough textures that will disturb the hair cuticle and cause excess friction. For that reason, she recommends avoiding them. Opt for something like the DevaCurl’s towel, which is super soft and absorbs just enough water so that your hair stays hydrated and easy to style.


Use A Dry Shampoo

Sweat is another sneaky frizzy hair culprit to watch out for, especially if you tend to overheat. Dotson explains that the salt in sweat causes hair to dry out faster, which then leads to frizz. She recommends protecting your hair by tying it up or using dry shampoo as a preventative measure before a workout session.


Grab Hair Oil

“To smooth out hair, I’m looking for products that lock in moisture and keep humidity away,” says Abergel. “I love to cocktail Virtue’s Un-Frizz Cream with the Healing Oil before blow-drying. Once styled, I seal the look in by adding more Healing Oil. These products contain clean ingredients that eliminate frizz and block out humidity to keep hair sleek and shiny.”


Opt For A Boar Bristle Brush

The type of hairbrush you use makes a difference. Dotson recommends using a boar bristle brush to smooth the hair cuticle and help ensure that your hair’s natural oils travel all the way from the scalp to the ends for optimal hydration.


Avoid Drying Ingredients

“When working to smooth out hair, you want to avoid products that overly dry out your hair,” says Abergel. “For starters, most shampoos contain high amounts of sodium laurel sulfate, which is an effective cleanser but so drying. You also want your moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to be clean and pure to maximize efficiency, so avoid waxes or overly complicated ingredients. Another note is that all products on the market obtain their keratin from animal byproducts, keratin is a major player when it comes to eliminating frizz and healing your hair.”


Turn Down The Heat On Your Hot Tools

This is a good rule to have in general for overall hair health, but for frizzy-prone hair in particular Dotson says you’ll want to avoid heat tools as much as possible to avoid burning the cuticle layer. (As mentioned before, she recommends that those with curly hair should definitely limit the use of a hairdryer.)

If you must use a flat iron, she recommends using a low heat setting. Something around 325-350 degrees won’t be as damaging as higher temps. “Trust me, your hair will thank you,” she says.

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11 E-Girl Hairstyle Trends That Basically Scream Y2K




From regencycore to the coquette aesthetic and the “clean girl” look, TikTok has introduced the world to so many style movements it feels impossible to keep track. Currently, there’s another noteworthy trend on the rise: the e-girl aesthetic (short for electronic girl), a term you might recognize from Doja Cat’s e-girl makeup tutorial.

If you’re unfamiliar, the e-girl look is essentially a mismatch of trends pulled from pastel goth, anime, and indie sleaze styles — the result of which is rather reminiscent of Tumblr circa the late 2000s and early 2010s. And one of its most standout features is the e-girl hairstyle: think two-toned hair colors, pastel shags, and heavily accessorized Y2K-inspired hairstyles, all juxtaposed with ultra soft glam.

“The e-girl look is very cutesy,” says Lauren Milici, digital trends expert and entertainment writer at GamesRadar+ and Total Film. She describes the standard e-girl makeup as having blush on the nose, white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger, and overlining the upper lip for a “pouty” appearance. As for why it’s so popular? It’s super versatile. “People are able to adapt it to their vibe, whether it’s gothy or bright,” she says. And contemporary TikTok can’t get enough of it: #egirl and #egirls have amassed a combined 19.3 billion views on the platform.

Feeling inspired? Read on for 11 trending hairstyles that’ll help unleash your inner e-girl.

Since the e-girl aesthetic is all about everything “cute,” it’s only logical that one of the most popular hairstyles would pull its inspiration from ultimate cute girl icon Baby Spice with ’90s-era pigtails.

While pastel hair is an e-girl trademark, you can opt for a more subtle taste of the trend by dip-dyeing your tips à la Avril Lavigne. The end result is just as edgy as if you dyed your whole head.

For another way to rock just a pop of color, try a bright, face-framing money piece — think Bella Hadid’s copper-hued highlights. A little bit of color can go a long way.

Nicknamed “grunge buns,” this half-updo is easy to style, works with all hair types, and has been spotted on practically every e-girl imaginable.

The wolf cut, which is essentially a mullet and shag combo, is both edgy and chic — and it’s a look e-girl queen Billie Eilish has recently sported… so it’s a prime example of the aesthetic.

E-girls also love statement braids. You can clip in extensions for extra length or simply braid your natural hair and tie colorful tinsel or string (or any accessory) throughout for a bold Y2K aesthetic.

Sleek buns are forever chic, but for a more Y2K-style e-girl look, go with baby buns, a miniature version that’s customizable — wear them as a single bun or cover your head in them for ultimate cutesy vibes.

If you’re looking for some fringe, you could get some ultra-chic curtain bangs (another look sported by Billie Eilish). The face-framing chop is still edgy, but not too dramatic, and looks good no matter the hair color or texture.

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Shags reign supreme in the land of e-girls, and so too do two-toned hair colors. Reminiscent of Cruella DeVille’s iconic ‘do, the look leans more into the “goth” side of pastel goth — and it’s just as legendary as the character who made it famous. (Wait, so was Cruella an e-girl?)

Bubble braids, and their close cousin the bubble pony (as seen on Euphoria) are shockingly easy to style: All you need are a handful of rubber bands. Plus, they can be accessorized according to your mood, so while the style is simple, it’s still show-stopping (and Gigi Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo-approved).

You can never go wrong with late ‘90s, early 2000s-era butterfly clips. The bedazzled look is a whimsical way to add some color to your hairdo.

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Miranda Kerr’s Nighttime Skin Care Routine Includes Affirmations




Though she truly needs no introduction, Miranda Kerr is perhaps most notably recognized as the founder of the certifiably organic, sustainable-centric, and completely vegan and cruelty-free brand KORA Organics. Powered by active ingredients native to her homeland (like the antioxidant-rich superfood, noni, which is a common thread throughout the entire range), KORA’s mission is to approach product creation with love for the body and mind, as well as Mother Earth.

Along with being a hands-on CEO and skin care mogul, she also happens to be one of the most sought after international supermodels, a wife, a boy mom of three, an author, a passionate wellness warrior, a home design aficionado, a crystal-loving yogi … and that’s only scratching the surface, as it’s her character, grace, and kindness that truly stood out the most during our chat.

With an exciting KORA Organics launch on the horizon, I had the opportunity to speak with Kerr about the newness, affirmations, and more — just as she was waking up (and fighting jet lag) in sunny Australia, and my afternoon sky began to turn shades of deep blue all the way across the world in New York.

Harnessing the power of the ocean by way of active algae, the KORA Organics Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer brings something fresh to the brand’s range. After incorporating it into my own routine for the past few weeks, I would describe it as a bouncy, hydrating, and light-as-air formula that brings some much-needed calm into my daily routine. Giving my complexion a juicy glow, while working to heal and smooth any blemishes or texture I may be struggling with, the moisturizer’s formula is completely fragrance-free — though the natural aromatherapy quality is softly floral with traces of the crystal-clear ocean, fresh alpine rose, sweet basil, and earthy geranium.

Aside from the powerful formula (that has personally created my most radiant, glowing complexion to date), Kerr goes on to explain the added benefits of incorporating this moisturizer into your routine: “Every single KORA Organics product has its own positive word on the back of the bottle, as well as its own crystal infusion process in addition to the rose quartz crystal that every single product is filtered through. With the Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer, it is energized with aquamarine crystals, which really helps calm and soothe your spirit — so it’s nourishing your mind, your body, and your skin. The affirmation on the back of this product is peace, and is part of that ritual for creating that calming and soothing experience — along with the aquamarine stone, and the actual physical affects of the formula.”

During my college years, when I was in such a state of discovering who I was (and who I wanted to be), I stumbled upon Miranda’s book entitled Treasure Yourself. As an avid journaler, I had always written positive quotes and poems for myself, but Kerr introduced me to the power of using your voice and speaking affirming words into the universe as an act of self-love and care.

In honor of my younger self who needed her words at that time, I asked Kerr about some of her favorite affirmations that bring her peace. “For me, words are so powerful, and I have quite a big toolbox of affirmations,” she tells me. One that she repeats frequently: I am a being of light that is capable of infinite possibilities.

“Even forgiveness affirmations can create a lot of peace in your life — we are all human, and we might think something that is not a high vibration towards ourselves or others, and having that little ritual and peace-making is so important,” Kerr says. “I’ll do forgiveness prayers while I’m brushing my teeth, or putting on my skincare to cleanse my skin and my spirit at the same time. I’ll say something like: I forgive myself, and I forgive anyone that has upset me intentionally or unintentionally.”

Expressing the importance of finding some time to pamper herself and be still each and every day, Kerr shares just how much she prioritizes routine — in more areas in her life than one.

“I’m pretty strict about my children’s routine. My grandmother had four children and many many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and she taught me from a young age that routine is the most important thing for them, so that really stuck with me. You can find consistency and moments for yourself around that routine, so when my children go to bed after reading three books together, I often dim the lights, put the lamps on, and light a non-toxic candle. If my husband is finishing work or perhaps at the gym, I’ll then take a bath maybe once a week, or do my skin care routine — and thats when I really lean into those products that are very soothing, and I feel as if they are giving back to me.”

After agreeing that we both love those nights when we get to turn in for bed early, she shares the exact skin care routine she has created for peace and pampering once the moon replaces the sun’s light.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Miranda’s Nighttime Skin Care Routine

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Dua Lipa Wears Ugly ’90s Trends So Well




Dua Lipa is a head-turner, to be sure, marching to the beat of her own drum style wise. Be it on stage or off, she loves to take a questionable trend from decades past and turn it into a hyper-chic look worth copying. Ahead, all the times Dua turned the “ugly” so freaking cute.
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