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Interview: New Digital Contents with @MEWO by Tayfun

Interview: New Digital Contents with @MEWO by Tayfun

This month in the exclusive interview corner is Tayfun Çimen, the founder of the independent project MEWO, which includes new talents and different jobs in the field of fashion, art, design and music worldwide. We talked to Tayfun about the new digital age, fashion, art, the birth of MEWO and of course its rise.

Defne: Can we get to know you briefly?

Tayfun: While listening to the lessons at school, I was the one who exaggerated drawing something on the empty parts of the books. Since the beginning of 2000s, I have been developing myself in web & graphic design and web software as much as I need. I took part in many projects in this time frame. I am someone who prefers to stay in the background in every subject, but I have not been able to achieve this in recent years.

Defne: How was the MEWO digital blog you created? What’s the point?

Tayfun: MEWO was actually a project that I had planned in my mind for a long time but was born suddenly. It was heard on social media very quickly with the support of some of my friends who heard and excited about the project. For example, many of my friends who have heard, followed and liked MEWO still do not know that I am the founder of the project.

MEWO includes people who are talented, really successful and creative in the field of music and visual content; she shares it with everyone with her works, arts and expressing themselves fully. Its content is currently entirely in English. The reason this; To increase its awareness both nationally and internationally and to reach many people. Indeed, he achieved his goal. Messages and mails come from many parts of the world every day.

The people who want to announce and introduce themselves through MEWO communicate with their creative people.

Defne: What kind of blog is MEWO? What does it share as a concept?

Tayfun: We always support talented, creative people who managed to attract our attention and continue to share with our followers. We also support, share and want to share people who have succeeded in what they want to do but are almost unaware of it. It has been a great digital blog to announce itself and raise awareness in this field.

Defne: Who follows MEWO? What social network do you have?

Tayfun: Everyone follows @mewomag The MEWO site displays much different content on social media.

#stilllife attracts many people’s attention by sharing lots of colorful, interesting and creative works.

Defne: The competition between digital and printed media is increasing day by day. Do you think the digital world will completely leave the printed media behind? What do you think about this?

Tayfun: I can not claim that it will completely leave it behind, but digital media is preferred more and more every day and there are many reasons for this. It is even easier to reach everything through our phones, IPAD and similar electronic items, which we do not drop. Almost all of the currently printed journals have applications / services for digital media. The printed magazine seems more sincere to me and I will not cancel my subscriptions as long as this continues. 🙂

Defne: Even if you have a digital blog, do you still have a printed magazine(s) that you follow and cannot leave?

Tayfun: XOXO / AnOther / i-D

Defne: What about the digital mediums in Turkey? Can we get your ideas?

Tayfun: I think that I am really following the creative works related to Fashion, Art and Music. I am curiously watching the work done in Europe. Turkey can spread quickly see that every day remains how late it. In fact, he is obliged. It is beautiful. Followers now want to see different content and creative work. There are a number of sites that provide this service. For now.

Defne: What are the blogs or digital channels you follow, inspire and love?

Tayfun: Yes You! Mag / C-Heads / Pitch-Present

Defne: and the last question: people who inspire you?

Tayfun: Jeff Hamada / Ray Chan / and most important: My Love (D.) 🙂

We wish you success and thank you Tayfun 🙂

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